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Booking Calendar Invite
Por XtendApp
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Booking Calendar Invite

Por XtendApp
Reduce no-shows with automated calendar invite
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Plan gratuito disponible
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  • Descripción general de Booking Calendar Invite

        Allow your customers to receive booking calendar notifications
        Reduce no-shows with an end-to-end calendar booking automation
        Improved customer experience
        Automated calendar booking for staff members
    What’s this plug-in best for? Reduce no-shows with an automated and upgraded calendar booking requirements of your business. Who is it best for? Businesses dealing in appointments and reservations like classes, courses, events, ticketing, health and beauty and many more Send Automated Email Updates ✔ Automated calendar booking notifications to customers and staff members ✔ Instant calendar notifications to staff members One-click Wix Booking Integration ✔ Fully integrated with Wix Booking in a single click ✔ Fast and easy Easy to Use Dashboard ✔ Preview invitations easily and enable/disable services as per your requirement ✔ Navigate through our intuitive user interface with effortless ease
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    BASIC Plan


    100 invitation updates
    STARTER Plan


    300 invitation updates
    Create / Cancel / Modify event


    1000 invitations
    Premium Email Support
    Create / Cancel / Modify event
    DELUXE Plan


    Unlimited invitations
    Premium Deluxe Email Support
    Create / Cancel / Modify event
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