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Por Picreel.com
Create engaging popups and improve conversions
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30 días de prueba gratis
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  • Descripción general de Picreel

        Create engaging popups and improve conversions on your site
        Choose from modern templates for email collection, user surveys, spin-the-wheel promotions, and more.
        Create targeted rules for each offer and only show them to the most relevant visitors
        Integrate with CRMs and email service providers (like Mailchimp etc) to sync user information both ways.
    Picreel analyzes user activity on your site and shows them the most appropriate offers. Picreel can target your users based on their site activity, shopping history, what website they came from, and more. By showing the right offer to the right person at the right time, Picreel helps to increase conversions, reinforce important Calls to Action, and help grow your email list. You can use our design templates or create your own offers that will be displayed to visitors based on the business rules you set and the website content each visitor is viewing. Then we collect lead data and deliver to your CRM or marketing automation tool in real time via API.
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