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Prodigi Print on Demand
Por Prodigi Ltd
Instalación gratuita

Prodigi Print on Demand

Por Prodigi Ltd
Connect to Prodigi for automated fulfillment
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Instalación gratuita

Descripción general de la app Prodigi Print on Demand

    Connect your store to Prodigi
    Configure your products for automated fulfillment
    Save time with auto-order updates
Sell custom merchandise worldwide and scale your business at speed with Prodigi's print on demand app. Designed to make fulfillment of your print on demand orders friction free to help you to simplify your supply chain and maximise your profits. Perfect for everyone from artists and photographers to bands and major brands, it provides you with the tools to print any digital image onto any physical product and dropship it anywhere in the world. Supported by a global fulfilment network, Prodigi is integrated with 50+ print facilities in 10+ countries.
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