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Promolayer: popups+ for pros
Por Peak Digital
Se requiere tener un sitio Premium

Promolayer: popups+ for pros

Por Peak Digital
Fast yet powerful popups, banners and games.
Se requiere tener un sitio Premium

Descripción general de Promolayer: popups+ for pros

    Lightweight and ultra fast loading pop ups, games and more.
    Many triggers, targeting options & back button capture.
    350+ fully customizable templates via drag-and-drop.
    We’re better on mobile. Don’t resize, respond.
Get more value from your traffic and improve your conversion rate right now! Promolayer is a modern all-in-one popup builder and a/b testing tool that is fast & lightweight. we won't slow your site down or hurt your SEO. You can be up and running with popups, banners, bars and spin-to-wins showing in less than 5 minutes. Our tool is geared toward FAST creation of beautiful popups for quick testing, iteration and improvement. Our in-house support team are available via live-chat. Are you searching for the perfect promotions tool? Promolayer is here to help! Are you struggling with: - Slow customer count growth - Stagnated mailing lists - Cart abandonment - Low repeat purchase rates - Boring popups causing bounce - Clunky, slow promotion tools - Incorrect emails wasting your money How can you use Promolayer? - Timed sales with countdowns - Seasonal sales - Gamified signups - Storewide notices - New product information - Email forms - Cookie banners - Lots more! What can Promolayer do? Display methods - Pop-ups - Full screen welcome mats - Slide-ins - Banners & bars - Spin-to-wins (coupon wheels / lucky spin wheels)
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Free Plan


1,000 Popup views / Unlim. pageviews
All types unlocked
Unlim. pop ups, banners, etc.
Unlim. contacts, conversions, etc
Micro Plan


5,000 Popup views / Unlim. pageviews
All features & types unlocked
Unlim. pop ups, banners, etc.
Unlim. autoresponders, contacts, etc
Basic Plan


15,000 Popup views / Unlim. pageviews
All features & types unlocked
Unlimited creations & conversions
Unlim. autoresponders, contacts, etc
Standard Plan


100,000 Popup views / Unlim. pageviews
Everything from basic
Live support
Higher plans available in-app
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