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Synctrack Sync PayPal Tracking
Por Omega
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Synctrack Sync PayPal Tracking

Por Omega
Auto-sync tracking info to PayPal & Stripe
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  • Descripción general de Synctrack Sync PayPal Tracking

        Real-time tracking PayPal and Stripe: Minimize the time money is on hold
        Sync tracking to PayPal & Stripe for orders within 365 days with just 1 click
        Courier mapping rule with PayPal-supported couriers
        Monitor status of PayPal tracking sync from a powerful yet easy-to-use dashboard
    With Synctrack, tracking numbers shall be synced to PayPal and Stripe in 5 seconds with one click. Sync your old orders to PayPal & Stripe within 365 days. Synctrack helps you avoid unwanted disputes, money on hold & reserves. Instantly add tracking info to support PayPal verifying your account more quickly, and gain trust and transparency. Get funds faster and confidently defend disputes with clear proof. The PayPal sync automation tool reduces manual work and costs, protecting your cash flow.
    Disponibilidad:Esta app está disponible en todo el mundo.
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    Precios y planes

    FREE Plan


    30 synced orders/month
    Connect unlimited PayPal accounts
    Sync previous orders (up to 365 days)
    BASIC Plan


    1,000 synced orders/month
    Connect 1 Stripe account
    2 courier mapping rules
    PRO Plan


    6,000 synced orders/month
    Connect unlimited PayPal and Stripe
    10 courier mapping rules
    Higher priority sync


    Unlimited synced orders/month
    Connect unlimited PayPal and Stripe
    Unlimited courier mapping rules
    Dedicated sync cluster
    * El precio está en USD

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