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WhatsApp Button: Ichonic
Por Ichonic
Desde $1,20 / mes

WhatsApp Button: Ichonic

Por Ichonic
Boost engagement with WhatsApp app
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Desde $1,20 / mes

Descripción general de la app WhatsApp Button: Ichonic

    Unlimited visitors / month.
    Customizable appearance: Offer options to change widget size, padding and position through no-code configuration. This allows merchant to place the widget according to website aesthetic.
    On-Site Chat Box: Seamless Deployment of WhatsApp Widget to your Site.
    Pre-filled Messages: Set up default messages that shows within the Chat Window as soon as it opens, saving Users time and effort.
The WhatsApp app revolutionizes online communication by bridging the gap between website visitors and owners. With its easily integrable WhatsApp icon, users can open a chat box, compose messages, and seamlessly transition to the WhatsApp platform with just a click. Enhance customer engagement, address queries promptly, and build lasting connections through this intuitive and efficient communication tool.
Disponibilidad:Esta app está disponible en todo el mundo.
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Increased Customer Engagement
Customizable Experience
Seamless Integration
24/7 support
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