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Twik Store Personalization
Por Twik
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Twik Store Personalization

Por Twik
Boost Sales & Increase Revenues Autonomously
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Se requiere tener un sitio Premium

Descripción general de Twik Store Personalization

    Personalize menus and product catalogues.
    Improve add-to-cart ratios. Lower cart abandonment rates.
    Increase AOV and conversion rates. Boost sales and revenues.
    No setup. No maintenance required. Fully autonomous.
Twik understands shoppers and predicts their intentions. Using autonomous personalizations, twik increases sales by presenting shoppers with products they really want. Twik creates a unique experience for each user. No configuration or maintenance needed. Twik offers a way to increase your sales, without increasing your traffic. No configuration, no editing, no drag-and-drop, and no changing or adding code. All you need to do is add the app, approve the desired personalizations for your visitors, and you’re all done. Twik is also cookie-free; The app uses proprietary technology instead of cookies, to pinpoint users, providing a more accurate and GDPR-compliant user tracking. Using AI and machine learning, twik continuously learns your visitors and their behavior to the full extent; twik then implements automated personalizations that enable you to create a customized experience for your visitors. At first, twik will only target a small portion of your eligible store visitors, and as it learns what personalizations increase sales to which user segments, it'll gradually balance the delivery (more or less than 50%) to maximize your sales and revenue.
Disponibilidad:Esta app está disponible en todo el mundo.
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